Minecraft updates are always fun, as they bring new content and features for players to explore. With every update, the possibilities for Minecraft expand, offering more ways than ever to customize your world and play as you please.

Despite some occasional bumps in the road during large update deployments, the game always strives to improve its events, tools, gameplay mechanics and more, making it an exciting experience that continues to develop with time. There’s no better time to be a Minecraft fan than now! Let’s go over all the new Minecraft 1.20 features.

Camel in an oak forest in Minecraft

Minecraft has been in the gaming scene for many years now, and over that time its developers have released multiple updates that have added a variety of new features. Some of these include an overhauled interface to help retain experienced players, a visual upgrade to the art style for an immersive gaming experience.

Others added a persistent geographic environment that adds creative options in exploration and construction play styles, and many more. All of these updates were designed to keep Minecraft feeling vibrant, current, and as exciting as it was when it first arrived.

Minecraft 1.20, the Trails & Tales Update, promises to give us a lot of great features in the upcoming update! Some are more inclined on providing better aesthetics and some on adding more functions.


The upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update is an exciting development for fans of the game! Players can now make use of the beloved bamboo blocks. This feature, first added with snapshot 22w45a, is already available in the game to craft a wide variety of items for their builds.

Jungle Hut in Minecraft

This update allows players to have greater flexibility, as they can craft wood blocks ranging from planks and doors to signs, stairs, slabs, fences, fence gates, buttons, and pressure plates using only bamboo. Bamboo is a resource that can be found growing in abundance in jungles. The possibilities are exciting with Minecraft’s updates ever-evolving, each new version promises something unique and intriguing for gamers!

New mount, camels!

The Minecraft 1.20 update is also introducing camels. Before this update, players had limited options when it comes to mounts. Horses, pigs, and striders were the go-to of most players. This introduction of camels is a useful new addition to the rideable mob list since the game’s launch.

Not only do camels add an element of variety, but they also look like they’ll provide a unique riding motion that should make traversing deserts even more enjoyable. What’s even better is since Camels are big it allows you to have a passenger! It will be interesting to see how players choose to make use of this fun new addition!

Functional bookshelves

Another update Minecraft 1.20 is set to add is the highly anticipated chiseled bookshelf. Rather than just being a visually appealing decorative block, this bookshelf is able to hold up to 6 books of any type and thus store them more efficiently than multiple chests. With the ability to store written books, enchanted books, and even books and quills, players will now be able to access these items with ease, providing much-needed immersion in such a classic game.

A new pink biome

The Cherry Blossom biome is another feature coming to Minecraft in the 1.20 update. This biome is inspired by the Sakura trees of Japan, and it adds a new dimension of beauty and gameplay to the already diverse world of Minecraft. The Sakura trees provide a new source of wood that is light pink, allowing players to create unique and eye-catching structures. The Cherry Blossom biome also adds new flora and fauna, such as new flowers, bushes, and even new mobs.

Cherry Grove Biome in Minecraft

This new biome brings tons of possibilities for players to explore. The terrain and overall aesthetic of the Cherry Blossom biome will require players to adapt and strategize accordingly. Overall, the Cherry Blossom biome is a welcome addition to Minecraft, and it promises to provide players with new challenges, opportunities, and gameplay mechanics to explore.

Do you like studying ancient stuff?

If you’re a fan of Archeology, then this update is perfect for you! Minecraft 1.20 introduces Archeology to the game! With this update, players can now find more stuff to do in deserts. Shovel through sand and be on the lookout for a new block called the suspicious sand. The update introduces brush, a new tool that when used along with the suspicious sand gives you pottery shards and random items.

Decorated Pot in Minecraft with a Torchflower on top

There are four different pottery shards you can get from dusting off these suspicious sand blocks, and once you put those shards together it’ll give you a pot perfect for adding an ancient aesthetic to your structures and builds!

You asked for it!

Players wanted them, so we’re getting them! Yes, Sniffers are back! These supposedly extinct creatures are back due to insistent demand. The Minecraft Live 2022 Mob Vote allowed for the return of this ancient creature, Mojang says. With the new update coming up, these Sniffers will have a chance to thrive again. These green fellas can be brought back by finding their eggs from dusting off suspicious sand and helping them hatch.

The Sniffer Mob in Minecraft

These sniffers start off as cute little green creatures, but once they reach their adult form, they become huge! And no, they aren’t just there to roam around. They also have the function to sniff out seeds that used to be present when they first roamed the Overworld which you can then plant and add to your garden! New plants, more options for your builds!

This update is packed with features a lot of players have highly anticipated. Check out this video made by DanielPlays if you want to learn even more about this new update!

If you are a Minecraft fan, make sure to be on the lookout for the upcoming update. You don’t want to miss out on all the added content!

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