Minecraft version 1.19 was released in June, adding frogs, home to the Mangrove Swamp, and the Warden, home to the Deep Dark.

Players received this update with mixed reactions. Many players were upset over the lack of content with the update, which was mainly fed by the abundance of promotional material shown at the initial 1.19 Wild Update reveal by Mojang, in October of 2021.

In general, most of the disappointment seemed to have faded and players were actively updating their worlds to the new version.

Security Update

Then a sub-update was announced: Minecraft 1.19.1. The version was said to add Allay duplication, a highly requested feature which allows players to duplicate Allays by giving them an amethyst shard when they’re dancing.

As always, the update would also bring some necessary bug fixes. That wasn’t it, though. Mojang announced it was going to introduce a player report system, which allows players to report chat messages. Consequently, players could be banned from online play after review by the Mojang security team.

This led to a huge backlash within the community, with most players begging the company owned by Microsoft to reconsider this system. Coincidentally, Mojang retracted the plan to release Minecraft Update 1.19.1 on June 28th, which was originally going to be the release date.

The decision has lead players to believe Mojang is reconsidering their take on the report system. To their disappointment, a tweet from the official @Minecraft Twitter account suggests Mojang is only taking some more time to properly introduce the new system, before releasing it.

When will Minecraft 1.19.1 come out?

The question is, when will Minecraft 1.19.1 come out now? The answer is, Mojang said it will come out in the near future, but probably not in the same week it was supposed to released.


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