Most of the Minecraft community grew up watching videos by Technoblade. With his joyful content, he warmed the hearts of many, and reached his ultimate goal of getting over 10 million subscribers.

Technoblade pig in Minecraft launcher

The community was devastated when the news arrived that Technoblade had passed away in June 2022. To honor the famous YouTuber and Minecraft, Mojang has done something truly awesome. 

Minecraft Launcher art

The legendary pig wearing a crown skin is what set Technoblade apart, and made him incredibly easy to recognize. Both on YouTube as well as in-game. To remember the creator and Minecraft player, Mojang has added a pig wearing a crown to the Minecraft Launcher.

Technoblade pig in Minecraft launcher

This way, the famous Minecrafter will not be forgotten and will be seen by every single Minecraft player in the world, when they launch their game. 

The Technoblade YouTube channel currently has 13.2 Million subscribers on YouTube. 

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