EminGTR, creator of the original Complementary Shaders, just raised the bar when it comes to shader quality, with the release of the new Complementary Reimagined shaders.

BSL edit

What came first, Minecraft or BSL Shaders? In all seriousness, though, it seems like BSL shaders have been around like the day Minecraft came out.

Taking that in to consideration, it’s not wonder there are so many edits of that shaderpack around. Do be careful, as the creator of BSL, CaptTatsu, only allowed a handful of these edits to be published. Not everyone can simply distribute their edit of BSL Shaders!

Complementary Shaders

After BSL Shaders itself, one of the most popular shaders Complementary shaders. Created and maintained by EminGTR, the BSL edit went on to become one of the most downloaded shaderpacks.

Years and years went by, and Complementary Shaders became more and more refined. It’s unique integrated PBR textures got better and better – and then one day: Complementary Reimagined was released!

A completely new shaderpack, which according to its author “aims for perfection”, and it certainly does. It’s a fresh blend of realistic shader features with a surprisingly vanilla Minecraft look.

Clouds with the new Complementary Reimagined shaders are 3D and square – just like vanilla Minecraft’s 3D Fancy clouds. It also boosts colors and adds soft shadows to the game. Best of all: it’s highly customizable with a very intuitive and straight to the point settings menu.

If you would like to give this new shaderpack a try, check out a review of the pack here!


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