Mojang is going to add the catchphrase “Technoblade Never Dies!” to the main menu in Minecraft. It will appear as a splash text among the hundreds of other random strings of text you may see right next to the Minecraft logo.

New splash text in the Minecraft main menu saying "Technoblade Never Dies!"

After the passing of famous YouTuber and Minecraft player Technoblade last week, the Minecraft community has come up with various ways to honor him. Many say he played a huge role in making Minecraft popular by making a ton of videos about Minecraft and its many gamemodes.

Splash text

Minecraft has used splash texts in the main menu to communicate messages to players. They vary from very serious messages, to funny inside-jokes such as “Also try Terraria!”. It is not often that a splash text gets added because of community demand.

The reason this situation is different, is because Technoblade was a Minecraft advocate that introduced many new players to the game. He did so by posting fun and inspiring videos, accumulating well over 10 million subscribers over the years.

Mojang has also released a statement about the passing of the famous Minecraft player.

Originally, the plan to add the splash text to the game was part of a petition. The petition started on Reddit, this Reddit user explains how exactly the initiative came about:

Last week, the Minecraft team decided to take a first step in honoring Technoblade. His signature look – a pig wearing a gold crown – was added to the Minecraft launcher art. If you’re curious to see how this looks, check out the article we wrote about this.

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