With the recent release of a new Minecraft version, subsequent updates are almost always inevitable. Minecraft 1.19 is no exception to this rule, and was already said to be receive a subsequent release after about a week.

Minecraft 1.19.1 postponed

The usual essential bug fixes were going to be packed into a new update: Minecraft 1.19.1. It doesn’t happen too often that entirely new features are added in sub-updates like a .1 or .2 update.

Minecraft 1.19.1 is an exception in that regard, because Minecraft announced it would include a feature that was previously unknown to at least the Minecraft Java community. With the addition of a Player Reporting System, players would be given the option to report chat messages.

Messages that violate Minecraft policy could lead to player bans. The revolutionary thing about this system is that it is not optional. The system is automatically applied to Realms as well as other public and even private servers.


The system works as a whole, meaning that if you are found guilty of sending inappropriate messages on any server, you will be banned from online play all together. You will not even be able to join your own private server after that, as that also counts as “online play”.

The screen that shows the player has permanently been banned from online play

Many players revolted against the planned change, and successfully so – to some extent, that is. Minecraft had planned for version 1.19.1 to go live on June 28th, but decided to postpone the release.

To many people’s surprise, after a few days of radio silence from the team over at Minecraft, the feature was not removed. Instead, an article was shared explaining the new system in much more detail.

Finally, Minecraft 1.19.1

Now, after almost two weeks after the original release date for Minecraft 1.19.1, Mojang has finally announced it will be released soon. We were going to see at least one more pre-release, which we got on July 8th: Minecraft 1.19.1-pre4.

After that, once everything is tested and verified, we’ll be aiming for a release candidate.

That’s what Mojang announced in their official blog post for the new pre-releases. And you know what release candidates mean, it means we’re very close the actual release of Minecraft 1.19.1. The version that – if you like it or not – will implement the new Player Reporting System.