Snapshot 22w46a has just released! The Minecraft development cycle was drastically altered this time around. No longer will the devs limit themselves to a particular aspect of the game when releasing the next update. Instead, they’ll keep adding new features throughout the year via snapshots and see how the community reacts to them.

Minecraft Piglin head on top of a noteblock

Hence, we’ve been getting new snapshots since Minecraft Live happened. The latest snapshot was released a few days ago, 22w46a. It includes some minor changes and addition to 1.19.3 and 1.20 as well.

1.19.3 changes in snapshot 22w46a

Like Skeletons, Creepers, and the Dragon head, this Minecraft snapshot adds Piglin heads to the game. These heads can be acquired when a charged creeper kills a Piglin. Also, ensure the piglin that gets killed hasn’t been zombified; you need a normal piglin to acquire this head.

It is now also possible to produce mob sounds from Minecraft note blocks. After you’ve collected a mob head, place it on top of a note block and either right-click the note block, or power it with Redstone.

Mob heads on top of noteblocks in Minecraft

The nether portal used to emit light in the nether, which caused mobs to spawn near it; this has now been fixed. No longer will mobs spawn near your portal. This killed all the nether portal farms. 

1.20 changes

The chiseled bookshelves have been changed. Before, you had to put in every book one at a time if you wanted to fill the bookshelf. This meant that even if you wanted to put a book in the last slot, you’d have to fill in every slot before it. Now you can place the book in any slot.

The upper side texture of the bamboo block was changed to green, which makes sense because the block is green.

And that’s basically it for the 22w46a snapshot, nothing major was added, but you can expect some juicy new features in a few weeks! You can read the full changelog here

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